Who am I?

I am a former architecture student who abandoned the pursuit of the built environment a few years ago to dive head first into the online and digital world. Since then I have been working full time in the field, as well as carrying out a number of personal projects.

What do I do?

My area of expertise is digital design, specialising in user experience design, as well as web design and information architecture. However, I do dabble in flash, and have built countless banners and experimented with actionscript3. I also make videos using afterEffects and dabble in print and logo design. I mainly design, but I also dabble in WordPress development, as well as plain ol’ simple HTML and CSS.

The designs I churn out are always mobile compatible, with a huge emphasis on functionality and getting to the point quickly and easily. I want to create sites which are beautiful and logical in their simplicity.

Where do I work?

I work at Pulse Marketing as their in house digital designer, and have been for the past 8 months. I also work out of my apartment on the weekend and afternoons, creating unique, bespoke websites for people in need.

What is my design philosophy?

I believe in form should always ALWAYS follow function. There is only so much you can do with a pretty website which doesn’t tell you anything or leads you into rabbit warrens of dead ends. This is a harken back to my days of an architecture student, where we were taught that there’s not much point painting the building a pretty colour if it can’t actually stand up in the first place.

I love typography, and I love the idea of user manipulation – manipulating the way they experience a website is particularly interesting to me – I like to feel that the designer is always in control on how their sites are used.