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Natural Gas


Whilst working at Pulse I have been working extensively across Natural Gas as a client, delivering digital assets and website management for all their campaigns, as well as eDMs and the UX behind their rewards card programme. To fit in with their shiny new creative, there was a need for a brand new website.


The client wanted to move away from the very corporate look and feel of their existing website towards one that is up to day in web trends, w3c compatible and displaying mobile best practice.


I designed everything from the updated user experience, information architecture, and user interface, for the new website. The result has been a website which can easily be updated according to the creative which is trending at the current moment. It also allows the client to easily showcase the powerful Natural Gas brand through easily updatable images and content.

I also designed a mobile version for handheld devices. Rather than make the desktop site responsive, I settled on using jQuery mobile to create a scaled back version of the website, so the user did not have to sift through reams of information to perform basic tasks like gas availability or dealer search.

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